Your Expectations

IPM Pest & Termite is dedicated to giving you quality service. Innovative and conscientious pest management for the safety of your family, home, business and the environment. Our mission statement is not a marketing ploy but a true representation to what you should expect from IPM. We value our customers, their pets, their property and the environment. We develop effective pest management programs with these values, as well as the target pest, in mind.

Top reasons to call IPM for your Pest Problems

  • All IPM Pest Management Professionals know the biology and habits of the insects and animals that we maintain, and continue to learn more by interacting with entomologists and biologists.
  • A professional, certified, and courteous pest management technician will service your pest management needs.
  • Quality service means getting the job done the right way.
  • Pest Management Professionals that care and respect your family, home, business, and the environment by: using low toxicity treatments, placing baits in areas that are no/minimal risk, wearing shoe covers to keep outside grime off your carpets and floors etc….
  • Educating customers about their pest problem; how the pest will be managed and what to expect from our services. 
  • Inspection of the structure and surrounding area for current and/or possible future pest problems and report, treat or repair these areas.
  • Continue to educate ourselves and others by attending and speaking at courses designed for the pest management industry.
  • Custom pest service programs designed in conjunction with a master degreed entomologist.
  • Research insects and insecticides to determine sound management programs.
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