Animal Management

Pest Control for Mice & Rats in Lexington, KY & Surrounding Areas

Mice & Rats

Snap Traps: When mice and/or rats are the problem and safety is an issue, no other method allows for greater results than snap traps. Snap traps will kill the rodent at the trap and can be disposed of properly before the dead rodent contaminates it’s surroundings. Traps can be placed in protective boxes or out of the way areas to keep non-target animals from being snapped and dead rodents from being seen. 


Problem with moles in your yard? Trapping (mole extermination) is the only solution for mole control in your lawn. Sure, there are many DIY remedies available online and at your local home improvement store, but they’re rarely successful. If you really want your moles gone, give us a call. We have years of experience in mole removal that will save you loads of time and frustration.  

problem with ANIMAL INVADERS? 
Don't panic. We can help.

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