What is Pest Exclusion? Exclusion is a preventative technique in which we seal up areas of your home or building where pests are likely to enter. This technique denies pests access to your home or building. Pest exclusion is important because it is your first line of defense to keep pests out. Most insects and pests are very small and can find cracks which allow them to enter the home. Our first step in pest exclusion is to thoroughly inspect the entire premises for any areas that may be vulnerable. Following the inspection we will begin the process of sealing up your home or building. Other exclusion tactics we recommend include removing trash, compost, mulch and even fallen leaves as far away as possible. These all have a tendency to attract pests. We also recommend removing inviting food, water, nesting and breeding sources from the inside of the building will help to create inhospitable conditions for pests.
Benefits of Pest Exclusion:
  • Cost Effective
  • Pest Exclusion is Safe for Both Humans and the Environment
  • Provides a Healthy as well as Pest-Free Environment
  • This is a Year-Round Approach to Pest Control
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