A Day in the Life of a Bed Bug in Lexington, KY

  • By Matt Schaffer
  • 04 Jan, 2017

Bed bugs have become an epidemic throughout the country. These small, brown, and oval shaped bugs live on the blood of animals or humans and can infest houses and buildings in a hauntingly fast manner. Because bed bugs are being seen more and more frequently, it is important to be well informed about these insects to prevent your home from becoming the next infestation ground. At IPM Pest & Termite, your best choice for pest control in Lexington, Kentucky, we want to help you better understand this insect so you can prevent it from taking over your home.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

As stated, bed bugs are small, brown, oval shaped insects that are flat, and appear to be about the size of an apple seed. But, these bugs do not start out this way. Bed bugs are hatched from eggs. Female bed bugs can lay between one and five eggs a day and over five hundred eggs in their lifetime. These eggs are usually in clusters and in tight, hard to reach cracks. Within two weeks these eggs, that are roughly the size of two grains of salt, hatch and produce an immature bug. Young bed bugs, nymphs, shed their skin five times until they reach the appropriate age for feeding. While adult bed bugs are brownish in color, nymphs are yellow or white. Within five weeks and a first feeding the nymphs reach maturity. When they have reached full maturity bed bugs feed once a week. They use their elongated beaks to draw blood from their food, their bodies swell until they are full, and then they crawl away to await their next feeding. Bed bug bites are painless when they first occur and later turn into to itchy welts that can appear anywhere on the body. While most active bed bugs live around five months, it is possible for them to live up to a year, even if they are not feeding. Because bed bugs do not have nests, hide in tight spaces, and are hard to find, they can produce over three generations of bugs in just one year and before you even become aware that there is a real problem, the infestation may already be out of control.

How They Infest

Because these bugs are so small and flat, they can easily slip into your house undetected on clothing, luggage, used furniture, and bedding. While initially they may start out in your bedframe, seams of your mattress, and headboards where they can easily access their food, over time they will scatter through the room and infest more and more locations throughout your home. To keep your home infestation free, look for signs of bed bugs  if you wake up itchy.

Call an Expert

If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs and want to make sure your infestation is taken care of properly, contact  IPM Pest & Termite. The best of Lexington pest control, our experts can make sure your home is bed bug free in a safe and professional manner. As a member of Angie’s List  and holding an A+ BBB  rating, we can guarantee that our services will meet all of your standards.

PEST issues?
Don't panic. We can help.

By Elizabeth Burton 10 Jan, 2018
Bugs, insects, and pests of all species are not welcome in anyone's home. As a homeowner or renter, you want to do anything you can to make sure that you, your family, yard, and home are safe from any form of infestation. One of the most common household insects is the cockroach. Our team members IPM Pest & Termite want to give you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve. All our team members are trained and certified professionals that will put you and your family's safety first. For two decades, we have been treating homes and educating families about the signs of infestation and ways to prevent cockroaches, along with other pests. Whether your home is infested with mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, or bed bugs, we will be the solution you are looking for!

 Did you know if you see one cockroach in your home, there are probably many more? You do not want to be the person that finds and kills one cockroach and then forgets about it like nothing ever happened, because that is most likely not the end of your experiences with cockroaches in your home. The first step to figuring out whether you have a cockroach problem is actually seeing one walking around your home! When you give us a call, our skilled exterminators will first inspect your home to determine what kind of cockroach is in your home. Then they will determine how bad the problem is and create a treatment plan designed specifically for you. There are currently six known species of cockroaches, and each one requires different tactics for extermination. All these types of cockroaches can be hard to keep out of your home without the proper tools.

Cockroaches can get into your home through multiple entry points, and some might even surprise you. These pests love dark and wet places, so they can enter your home through pipes and drains in the kitchen or bathrooms. If you have a drain that is wide open, investing in a stopper could block some of these unwanted guests from getting into your home. Another way they can enter is through cracks in your home. These cracks can be found in your walls or your foundation. To be safe, if you ever notice any of these architectural cracks, try to get them sealed as soon as possible. This is important for structural safety as well as keeping bugs out.

When we treat your home for cockroaches or any kind of pest, we will do it in a safe manner that never puts your family’s health in jeopardy. This also includes your pets! We have safe methods of eradicating cockroaches and other pests, and we can help you prevent them from coming back. Let our friendly professionals set your mind at ease by tailoring a plan specifically for your home. Call us today to schedule your in-home inspection so we can exterminate those pests! We are located in Lexington, KY, and we happily serve the surrounding areas.

By Elizabeth Burton 20 Dec, 2017
It’s almost wintertime and that means those outside bugs, insects and arachnids are going to be looking for a warm place to call home. If you are anything like the most of us, you probably don’t want anything to do with spiders anytime of the year, especially in the comfort of your living quarters. Not only are spiders terrifying, but some can even be poisonous to humans and animals. However, even though most spiders are harmless, you don’t want them preventing you from feeling relaxed in your home. So how exactly are we supposed to keep these awful pests out? Lucky for you, IPM Pest & Termite can provide you with a solution! Our trained exterminators know how to effectively prevent spiders from invading, and if you already know you have a problem, they can also effectively remove any unwanted pests from your home and yard. We have been assisting families in the removal and treatment of pests for over 20 years and enjoy doing so! We are located in Lexington, KY and are proud to be serving the surrounding areas. We are always ready to keep those spiders out of your home!

If you are currently using store bought pest sprays, these can not only be hazardous, but also ineffective. When you choose to team up IPM Pest & Termite, we will keep your home comfortable and bug-free this winter, and year round. We also have some great tips that you can do yourself to prevent further pest issues. The first step you should always do is keep your home clean. This is also one of the easiest steps because this is something you do on a regular basis anyway. Be sure to sweep and mop under your couches, benches, and most importantly, hard to reach places. Spraying your home down with citrus, peppermint or tea tree scents can also help prevent spiders from entering your home in the future. This method may sound silly, but these smells can help repel spiders and keep them from entering from the outside. Since spiders are not fond of these scents, they are likely to stay away from areas that are filled with them. This is also a natural method that will be safe for you and your animals. It is also common for spiders to live in plants, leaves, bushes and woods. To lower the chances of spiders finding their way inside, creating distance between these items and the exteriors of your home would be beneficial.

Keeping spiders out of your home does not have to be a costly process. Our highly skilled and licensed professionals will first come to your home to do an inspection to determine if your home had been previously treated. We will also find the root of your current problems to discover the best method for treatment. Our treatments are also pet friendly to ensure everyone in your home remains safe and unharmed. Check out our website and give us a call today to see how we can assist you and your pest needs!
By Elizabeth Burton 05 Dec, 2017
There are a lot of creepy crawlers out there, and unfortunately, some of them live in your home. No one should have to worry about bugs crawling around your bed while you are sleeping. If you’re unable to tell if you have bed bugs, they can live in your home for quite some time and even spread to other people. How can you tell if you have bed bugs ? There are many signs that can indicate the presence of these unwanted house guests, and we want to share them with you! At IPM Pest and Termite , our exterminators are certified with the proper skills it takes to inspect your home, determine whether you are hosting bed bugs, and get rid of them without having to destroy your beloved furniture. If you fear you have been housing bed bugs, give us a call today so we can put you at ease.

It can be scary to think about your body being picked at by tiny brown bugs while you sleep, but they don’t have to take over your home. Bed bugs can be prevented. First and foremost, always make sure you inspect any furniture or clothing for any signs of bed bugs, because one can turn into hundreds. While you are cleaning your home, be sure to inspect it visually. Bed bugs are known to be around other bed bugs. They like to hang around their host. A host can be something like the corner of a wall or the base of your sofa. That’s why it can sometimes be hard to realize that you even have a bed bug infestation. Also, be aware of yellowish flakes around your home. These flakes are caused by the bed bugs shedding their skin before they reach adulthood.

Just like a mosquito bite, bed bugs bites can cause small red bumps that can swell. They have similar symptoms like itching. However, some people don’t show symptoms at all. If you fall asleep and wake up with several small red bumps, it is unlikely that a single mosquito would be able to cause that. It may be a sign you have bed bugs. Another way you can determine whether you’ve been sleeping with the enemy is if you ever notice red spots on your sheets that look like they might be blood. They are blood stains, and they are caused your body crushing the bed bugs while they are sleeping.

If you do come across this problem, the exterminators at IPM Pest and Termite will come up with a plan to treat and control it. The best thing about controlling a bed bug infestation is that most of your items in your home can be saved, so you won’t have to throw them out and replace them. Since 2004, we have been servicing homes and keeping them pest free! It would be our pleasure to provide your home with our professional services. We are located in Lexington, KY, and we are proud to serve the surrounding areas
By Elizabeth Burton 21 Nov, 2017
During the parts of the year when the weather is nice, it is always great to have outdoor space in the front or the back of your home to relax and wind down. Whether it’s a late summer night or a crisp fall evening, it will not be the same if you have a wasp nest located on your property. When you notice a wasp nest near your home, it can lead to potential problems, so you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Instead of trying to handle the situation on your own, we want to let you know why you should always hire a wasp exterminator for your home. Our pest management professionals at IPM Pest & Termite are educated in all areas of wasp removal and extermination. We want you and your family to be able to enjoy the outdoors every day without waving off those pesky wasps.

A wasp sting can turn any happy day to a bad one depending on the victim. When wasps sting you, it can cause a sever reaction that you never knew you had. That is why it is very important to remove any signs of a wasp infestation as soon as you notice it. When you do notice that you have a wasp infestation, our team of certified pest controllers will be ready to save the day! To get things started, we will come to your home to do an inspection. The purpose of our detailed inspection is to be sure we assess everything properly to determine how bad your wasp infestation may be. This is another great reason you should hire a wasp exterminator for wasp removal. The size or location of the wasp nest will determine what products and the amount we use.

Your home is a place for your family to feel safe, and your family include your pets! At IPM Pest & Termite, we take the health of your family very seriously. That is why we have methods of wasp removal that won’t harm anyone in your household. When you hire our professional wasp exterminators, we know what method needs to be used to get rid of all the wasps the first time. In some cases there can be a wasp nest inside of your home. If this is the case, you may think it came from outside. However, if you haven’t noticed any wasp activity outside of your home, this may not be true. Call our experts so we can find the source of the wasps, and eliminate them all, inside or outside your home.

We want to use our wasp removal techniques to make sure we rid your home of wasps, so they won’t be able to build new nests in and around your home. For almost two decades, we have rid homes of all kinds of pests including wasps. We are located in Lexington, KY and proudly serve the surrounding areas. Call us today to help keep your family and pets safe from wasp stings.
By Elizabeth Burton 21 Nov, 2017
Your home should always be a place of tranquility. However, sometimes things can get in the way of that tranquility. One of those things being bees. Some people like to say “Don’t bother a bee, and it won’t bother you.” While in some cases that may be true, in other cases it can become a problem for you and your family. How do you know if you need to hire a bee exterminator? Let us help you figure that out! At IPM Pest & Termite , we never want you to encounter any problems from any pest including bees. We have been helping families regain their outside living space for over 20 years, and we would love to do the same for yours. We are located in Lexington, KY and offer same day service for the surrounding areas.

No matter the time of year, you and your family should be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bees . Many people like to decorate their outdoor space with beautiful flowers. We all know that flowers attract bees, but does having bees flying around your flowers mean you have a bee problem? Probably not. You only need to start worrying if you start to see bees in more areas around your home, away from things that might normally attract them. This might mean that you could have a beehive located on your property. Once you notice you have a beehive, it is best get rid of it as soon as possible. Bees don’t see it as your home, they see it at theirs which makes them very territorial. If you or a member of your family accidentally intrudes on a bee’s personal space, they can become very aggressive and actually sting the person. This can be dangerous and even potentially life-threatening to some individuals.

When you decide to hire a bee exterminator, you can start to live freely in your yard again. Our exterminators at IPM Pest & Termite have the knowledge and experience to identify the type of bee that needs to be exterminated. Bees can also find their way into your home. They can make their nest in your attic or even in the structure of your home. You will know if you need to have a bee exterminator if you notice bees inside your home, so be sure to inspect the areas frequently. Even if you are in the market to purchase a new home, it is still important to get the home you plan on purchasing inspected to be sure you don’t need bee removal.

Our skilled exterminators are always readily available to answer any questions or concerns you have about bees. Based on what you tell us, we can let you know if we think you need to hire a bee exterminator. After inspecting your home, we will determine the location and type of bee that is causing you trouble, so we can safely but accurately treat your home. Call us today to keep your home and family safe from bees.
By Elizabeth Burton 02 Nov, 2017
Rats and mice can invade your home through even the tiniest of openings. Once you have a mice or rat problem, it can be very tricky to eliminate, especially if you are unsure of which rodent you are dealing with. Let IPM Pest & Termite of Lexington, Kentucky show you the difference between rats and mice to help you better understand the best methods of mice and rat extermination.

Identifying Rats

Rats are typically larger that mice, weighing between 7 and 11 ounces, depending on the type of rat in your home. Roof rats and Norway rats are the two most common types of rats that are seen in homes, and they are very different from one another. Norway rats are easy to classify as a rat. They have a heavy, thick body, a blunt nose, short ears with dark hair, a two-toned tail, and dark, shaggy fur. Norway rats typically burrow and can produce up to 7 litters of rats a year. Roof rats are also common in homes and these can be much more difficult to distinguish from mice. Roof rats have light and thin bodies, a pointed nose, large hairless ears, a dark tail, and grey or black fur that is smooth. Roof rats typically live in attics and the walls of homes and can produce up to 8 litters a year.

Identifying Mice

Mice are usually much smaller that rats, weighing about 0.5 ounces, but they can still be difficult to classify due to their resemblance to roof rats. Mice have a small head and feet, a pointed snout, large ears with minimal hair, a dark tail, and brown and grey shaded coats of fur. Mice usually live in materials that are stored, like boxes, and can produce 8-10 litters per year. As you can see, other than being smaller in size, mice have similar characteristics to the roof rat. The easiest way to tell the two species of animals apart is to take note of any feces that you find. Mice feces are typically rod-shaped, while rat feces are spindle and capsule- shaped.

Eliminating Mice and Rats

Baiting and trapping mice and rats, both inside and outside the home, are the only ways to make sure that you eliminate the problem entirely. Rodents are not clean, and they will damage your home easily if they are not removed properly and quickly. Self-set traps are an easy way to eliminate the problem by yourself, but depending on the location of your infestation and how severe the problem is, you may need to call a professional to ensure that everything is taken care of. At IPM Pest & Termite, serving Lexington, Kentucky and all the surrounding areas, we are here to help with any rodent problems. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ BBB rating, we guarantee that our services will leave you satisfied. Our trained professionals will come to your home, asses the rodent situation to determine which pest you are dealing with, and then place traps in the proper locations to assure complete rat and mice extermination If you have more questions about mice and rat removal, contact IPM Pest & Termite today.
By Elizabeth Burton 02 Nov, 2017
Have you ever noticed a yard with raised lines of dead grass? Maybe you’ve noticed a yard with spouts of dirt near the edges of the yard. If so, you may have seen the signs of a mole infestation. This strange pattern of dirt in a yard, is an unmistakable sign of a mole creating its home there. Moles can be a real nuisance, but fortunately they are relatively easy to remove. At IPM Pest & Termite we want to show you what you need to know about moles and the mole removal process.

What are Moles?

Moles are small, furry insectivores that burrow beneath the ground to consume bugs. These animals are characterized by their tiny eyes and ears, a pink snout, and large pink feet that typically have long claws. These claws are turned outward and away from their body, which makes them ideal for digging through dirt. While many people have never seen an actual mole, they have most likely seen a yard that has been torn up by one.

Mole Tunnels

Because a mole’s main food source is bugs, specifically worms, grubs, and larvae, these tiny animals dig tunnels underneath the grass to eat. These tunnels often lead to winding tracks of raised earth all over a yard. These tunnel tracks disconnect the grass from its roots and usually kill the grass in that area. If you have ever noticed a raised line in your yard and you step on it and it compresses, it was likely a mole tunnel. Mole tunnels typically have many exit and entry points because moles are constantly building new tunnels to expand their feeding ground. Moles are most active during the warm, moist months like fall and spring, and their breeding season in the early spring is the only time that they do not live alone, meaning that those unsightly tunnels are probably caused by one little creature.

Mole Removal

The only way completely ensure that you get rid of a mole problem is to set traps that will kill the animal. Repellents, poisons, and chemical controls are much less effective because they may take more time and could be hazardous to pets, children, and the overall health of your lawn, but they are an option. There are a few different types of mole traps that can be used, each one varying slightly in how it is operated and set. It is very important that homeowners set their mole traps in the correct location or else the traps will never even be triggered. If your do-it-yourself mole traps do not seem to be working out, a pest control specialist can make the job much easier.

IPM Pest & Termite

If you are tired of your grass dying, seeing unsightly mole tunnels weaving through your yard, or watching your pets tear up your yard to try and catch the moles that they smell, it is time to call an expert. At IPM Pest & Termite, serving Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas, we are here to help with your mole problem. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ BBB rating, we guarantee that our services will leave you satisfied. Our trained professionals will come to your home, asses the mole situation, and place traps in the proper locations to assure that the moles are caught quickly so you can get back to a pest free lawn. If you have more questions about mole removal, contact IPM Pest & Termite.
By Elizabeth Burton 29 Sep, 2017
There may not be a more annoying pest than the mosquito. Mosquito bites, while not painful when they occur, can itch for weeks and leave you covered in unsightly red spots. If you have a mosquito problem in your yard and can’t stand the buzzing and biting anymore, it is time to take back your yard. Let IPM Pest & Termite, serving Lexington, Kentucky and all the surrounding areas, help you rid yourself of your mosquito problem with our guide to mosquito control.

Mosquito Basics and Dangers

Mosquitoes are small, sometimes impossible to see, flying insects that feed from their tube-like mouths. These tubes pierce their host’s skin and allow them to drink blood, which is their only food source. Though mosquito bites are not painful, because mosquitoes actually carry a numbing agent in their beaks to help them maintain a feeding connection longer, they can still be incredibly bothersome. Mosquito saliva, because of the numbing chemical, causes a rash with a hive-like appearance that will itch for days. Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases, which can be transmitted from host to host with their bites. Because of this, mosquitoes are seen as one of the deadliest animals on the planet.

How to Control Mosquitos

If you have noticed an increase in buzzing mosquitos, or noticed the floating rafts of eggs in potted plants or water in your home, you have a mosquito problem. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to reduce this possibility for infestation and reverse the problem.

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

The easiest way to decrease the number of mosquitos around your home is to remove all standing water. Mosquitos are attracted to water because this is where they lay their eggs, and even the smallest amount of standing water will attract them. Tip over dog bowls, drain excess water in potted plants, and ensure that your yard is properly irrigated, with suitable drainage pathways, to avoid these nuisances.

2. Keep Your Yard Debris Free

Dead leaves, overgrown trees, overgrown shrubs, and overgrown plants are ideal breeding habitats for mosquitoes. Keep your yard tidy and well-trimmed for an easy way to reduce the number of mosquitoes you encounter.

3. Treat Your Yard

Treating your yard with control products to poison mosquito eggs, which stops the maturation of eggs, or other insect repellents is an easy way to control mosquitoes. Spray plants, shrubs, and trees in your yard to discourage mosquitoes from creating habitats in these areas. In addition, consider treating all of your grass and flowerbeds with an insect repellent that is oil based. Oil based repellent barriers reduce the amount of chemicals in your yard, making it safer to use around children and pets.

4. Call a Professional

If these tips for mosquito reduction do not help with your infestation, or if your mosquito problem comes back, it may be time to call a professional. Ensure the safety and well-being of your family and pets by calling the mosquito control experts at IPM Pest & Termite. At IPM Pest & Termite, we are here to help with all your pest control needs. As a member of Angie’s List , a recipient of an A+ from the BBB , and over 20 years of pest control experience, IPM Pest & Termite can guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today with any concerns you have about mosquitoes in your home.
By Elizabeth Burton 29 Sep, 2017
As summer comes to an end, you may notice an increase of loud chirping around your home. Along with this distinct noise that they produce, crickets can be seen hoping through the grass at all hours of the day. While crickets will not harm you, their presence can be an annoyance if they end up in your home. At IPM Pest & Termite, serving Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas, we are your most trusted source for cricket extermination.

Identifying Crickets

Crickets are small to medium in size with a cylindrical body. Usually light brown to black in color, crickets have long, thin antennae, a small head, and a long body. Crickets have unique legs that make them easy to identify. Because crickets move long distances by jumping, they are equipped with appendages that assist their movements. Their back legs are significantly enlarged for jumps, their middle pair of legs stick outward, and their front pair of legs, which rest by their head, contain tympani to receive sound. Crickets are also easily identified by the chirping sound that the males make. Male crickets chirp at all hours of the day, and for many reasons. A courting song is used to attract female crickets in the area. A triumph song is used after mating, to encourage the female cricket to lay eggs. And an aggressive song is used to repel other male crickets from the area. Depending on the temperature and the species of cricket, chirping will be different.


Crickets are omnivores and will eat almost any food source that is available if their normal diet is not. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, leafs, grasses, larvae, smaller bugs, and young plants are all liable to be parts of a cricket’s diet if they can find it. Crickets like damp conditions the most, hence why they are so active at night and in the early morning when grass is wet from dew. Most active at night, crickets, like many insects, are attracted to lights.

Signs of Infestation

Unfortunately, the only way you can tell you have a cricket infestation is by seeing the crickets in your home or hearing their chirps. Typically, only the house, ground, or field cricket will be seen in a home. The house cricket is light brown, almost yellow, and is around 20mm long. The ground cricket is very small, and brown in color. And lastly, the field cricket is darker brown or black and is about 3cm long. You will likely notice crickets at night time, because they are more active with their chirps in the dark. If you believe you may have a cricket infestation, IPM Pest & Termite is who you need to call for the best cricket exterminator in the area. At IPM, we specialize in ridding your home of a wide range of pest problems. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ BBB rating, we can guarantee that our services will meet all of your standards. If you think it is time to take the next step with cricket extermination, contact IPM Pest & Termite today.
By Elizabeth Burton 07 Sep, 2017
Pests are more numerous during the summer months, and if you are not careful they can really dampen the joy of summer for your family. To make your summer months as pest free as possible, let IPM Pest & Termite of Lexington, Kentucky show you a few of the pests you should watch out for this summer to ensure the safety and comfort of your family and home.


Mosquitoes are one of the most numerous and dangerous pests of the summer. Not only do these insects cause annoying, itchy bumps when they bite, bumps that can remain itchy for days or even weeks, but these bites can also transmit disease. West Nile Virus, Zika, malaria, encephalitis, and yellow fever are just a few of the viruses that these insects can transmit. Mosquitoes breed in areas with standing water, so the best way you can avoid a mosquito problem in your yard is to remove areas that trap water. In addition, always wear insect repellent when you are outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk, which is when mosquitoes are the most active and annoying.


Ticks are a problem every summer, but this is especially the case this year. Because of the warmer than usual winters, ticks have been given a longer breeding period and their population has exploded. There are many different types of ticks, all of which have the potential to spread disease once they have latched on. Ticks are usually found in foliage, shrubbery, and shaded areas, so keeping our yard well maintained is the best way to prevent them. Wear insect repellent, inspect yourself and your children nightly for ticks after you have been outdoors, and wear long-sleeved shirts to help prevent tick bites.


As a species with a one-track mind, ants are always on the search for food. Because of this, ants will leave behind a pheromone trail for other ants to follow, which leads to major problems in a home if not caught early. To prevent ant infestations in your home, ensure that food and drinks are cleaned up immediately, seal the cracks and opening around doors and windows, and keep your gutters clean. Aside from being a nuisance in your home, ants like the fire ant will cause problems outside your home as well. Fire ants are very aggressive and active, and when threatened or trodden on will sting humans and pets multiple times to protect themselves. Insect treatments are the only way to rid yourself of these painful pests.

Bees & Wasps

Wasps and bees are dangerous pests to have because not only do their stings hurt, but over 5% of the population will have some allergic reaction to their venom. Unlike the above pests, bee and wasp infestations must be handled by a trained professional. There are many different species of wasps and bees, all of which will cause real harm to you if not handled properly. To prevent infestations of these painful pests, monitor around your home for the start of nests, empty your garbage cans frequently, and don’t leave food out in the open to attract them. In addition, if you find a hive of bees near your home, relocating the bees is the best option because the species, which is vital to plant pollination, is now endangered.

IPM Pest & Termite

Serving Lexington, Kentucky and all the surrounding areas, IPM Pest & Termite is here to keep your summer months pest free. Regular inspection and preventative treatments will decrease the risk of pests in the summer month. At IPM, we specialize in ridding your home of a wide range of pest problems. As a member of Angie’s List with an A+ BBB rating, we can guarantee that our services will meet all of your standards. If you are ready to tackle your home’s pest problem this summer, contact IPM Pest & Termite today!

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