Pest Control for Flies in Lexington, KY & Surrounding Areas

Drain Fly

Drain Fly is a small moth-like fly that breads in wet areas. The drain fly gets its name from it habit of breading and developing in dirty drains. Control for this pest is to find the area of infestation and clean it out. Bleach will not solve a drain fly problem! The drain or wet area must be cleaned and all the debris removed.

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly is a small fly most often seen to have red eyes (although brown, orange, & white are also possible. This fly feeds and breads on fruit or vegetables. Infestations of this fly usually come from forgotten produce that has fallen behind something. Control for this pest requires a through search for these items. Removing the produce will control further breading. The adults are short lived but can be killed quickly with an aerosol or fogger.

Cluster Fly

Cluster Fly is a large slow moving fly often seen inside structures in the fall winter and spring. They inter the structure as adults and over winter in the building and leave in the spring. They do not reproduce in the structure instead they reproduce in fields where they parasitize earthworms in fields. Most often in rural homes that are located in or around a large open field. Management is accomplished in the early fall by spraying a micro-encapsulated chemical on the exterior of the structure to prevent the flies from interring.

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